Sports Hall of Fame Will Highlight Those Who Contributed to Chesterfield’s Rich Athletic History

As Chesterfield prepares to celebrate its 275th anniversary later this month, it is creating a platform to recognize and highlight those who have contributed to the county’s rich history in athletics.

Chesterfield Sports Hall of Fame Press Conference
J.C. Poma, Chesterfield’s director of sports, visitation and entertainment, speaks at press conference on Tuesday, May 14.

At a press conference Tuesday, May 14 the Sports, Visitation and Entertainment Department announced plans to establish the Chesterfield Sports Hall of Fame at River City Sportsplex.  

“I think this is going to be a great thing to showcase the excellence that is right here in Chesterfield,” said Jim Holland, chair of the Board of Supervisors. “The Hall of Fame will undoubtedly serve as an inspiring testament to the values we hold. It will also be a destination that draws residents and visitors alike to learn about the incredible accomplishments of our inductees and the records they set.” 

A nomination portal will remain open until July 1 at 5 p.m. The first class of inductees into the new Hall of Fame will be announced July 15 and formally recognized during a banquet Sept. 12 at the Perkinson Center for the Arts and Education.

Their names — and those of future inductees — will be displayed on a wall at River City Sportsplex, which serves as the hub of sports tourism in Chesterfield.

“Chesterfield is a large county. Therefore, there are many people who have come before us and deserve the honor of being in this hall of fame,” said County Administrator Dr. Joe Casey. “Through the nomination process, we want to be as inclusive as possible and reach out to all ages and demographics to tell those stories.”

The Chesterfield Sports Hall of Fame is open to any athlete, coach, team or sports contributor who made a positive mark on the county’s sporting legacy while demonstrating integrity and sportsmanship throughout their lifetime.

The other nominating criteria are as follows: 

  • The accomplishment for which the person is nominated must have taken place in Chesterfield. Nominees must demonstrate substantial ties to the county (i.e., educated here, long-term resident, etc.).
  • Athlete and Coach nominees must be retired from the sport in which they are being nominated.
  • Sports Contributor nominees are eligible based on service to the community and need not be retired.
  • All nomination information must be accurate and precise; please confirm details with your nominee prior to submitting.
  • Both a headshot and a sports action photograph must accompany all nominations.

To submit a nomination, visit

“This has been a long time coming, but a lot of fun to get to this point. The engagement we have with our community through initiatives like this is exactly why our department was created a year ago,” said J.C. Poma, director of Sports, Visitation and Entertainment. “From Day 1, we’ve been thinking about what the Chesterfield Sports Hall of Fame should be. It’s an opportunity to tell stories.

“We want the community to share stories about the people who have meant something to you,” he added. “We can think of quite a few, but there are so many more we don’t know about and those are the ones we’re really looking forward to.”